Pira Charcoal

Pira Charcoal 15 KG

In Pira we have selected for our clients the best charcoal from hardwoods and high calorific value. Coals specially for charcoal ovens and charcoal barbecues, with very few spark and high performance.

The calibers are large for a more uniform and stable ember during service. At the same time, these coals provide just the right touch of smoke on our dishes, giving scent and aroma to the food to have the unmistakable taste of the authentic Pira flavour.

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Charcoal load

The ovens PIRA series LUX with the PIRACOLD system, make that the coal lasts up to 25% more than an oven with the same cooking surface and without PIRACOLD. This is a significant coal savings and also means that there are not to overloading the oven for fear of running out of coal during service.

When cooking, the most important thing is the oven temperature and maintaining this temperature. The required temperature is reached by burning coal, but it is worth mentioning that is also for not let escape the temperature, and the quick loss.

Before lighting the oven, we have to remove the grills and any other accessory inside the cooking chamber.