Video | Pira Charcoal Ovens ED Series - Lifting door

The charcoal oven is a combination between a charcoal barbecue and an oven in a single device. This provides the best of each device to the modern gastronomy. The charcoal oven is the perfect option to get the authentic grilling taste with perfect texture and juiciness. Moreover, if you want you can get a smoky flavor.

The oven is specially designed to cook meat, but is equally appreciated in many different cook styles. It adds a variety of flavors, textures and aromas in all type of meats, vegetables, seafood, pasta and even desserts.
The PIRA charcoal oven do not have any electrical or gas device. Works with any type of charcoal and their average consumption is 5Kg coal for a full food service.

It can be used as a conventional grill if you work with the door open, but it also can be used with the door closed and get all the advantages of an oven: speed, better sealing of food and even cooking.